“I have studied various different martial arts throughout my childhood/teenage years however I never found such a welcoming and accepting dojo until coming to train with you and I loved how your training stressed the importance of Budo (not just while training but as a way of life) and didn’t solely focus on self-defence or it’s use for personal gain.”

– Sam Herron


“When I first started with the dojo I was in awe of the skill level of the students. I was welcomed onto the mat by Amy and thought to myself I could never do what they are doing. With the experience of my teachers I have progressed with understanding this extraordinary art, physically and mentally! Aikido and its teachings now influence me personally, socially and in my business. I love all the teachings and all the students I get to participate with. Training in the dojo has now turned into a lifestyle. I get new distinctions every day that benefit me, my family, my friends and my life.”

– Stuart Roser on training Aikido


“It is wonderful to have the opportunity to take a glimpse at an art that I was always drawn to, passed down a direct line of teachers who preserved the original techniques and knowledge as intended so long ago. Almost like stepping into a time machine and watching the real thing (in a peaceful way). It is presented ego-free and original, its secrets still embedded, its psychology intact and served with a generous helping of philosophy.

I feel free to simply throw myself at it and let everything sink in, knowing that every single exercise taught and everything I observe are part of a proven path to help unravel the mysteries of the art and gain more insight into this facet of human connection.

What a rare gift and what a set of encouraging and delightful teachers. Doumo arigatou gozaimashita!

– Jessie, Aikido Wagga on Kenjutsu Workshops (www.aikidowagga.com.au)


“Aikido has taught me some awesome techniques! But more importantly has taught me excellent life skills.  Starting at a young age in a ‘warrior program’, I learnt to balance my lifestyle and focus on the things that I love, rather than “following the crowd.” Now I enjoy teaching those same skills to the kids in the dojo!!”

– Steve Nutt on training Aikido


“On Saturday 19 June Dangerfield Sensei introduced Shinto Muso Ryu Iaijutsu and Kenjutsu to an attentive audience in Canberra. Three different Aikido styles and several unaffiliated martial arts practitioners made up the 35 attendees.

The audience were largely there to find out how a koryu art differed to their own training (mostly Aiki ken and Iaido). The general opinion was that the level of detail in explanation and execution, and the impeccable logic behind the “why” were compelling. Dangerfield Sensei, provided a skilled, approachable, helpful and passionate seminar that answered many questions and opened quite a few eyes. The Canberra community is exploring the possibility with Dangerfield Sensei of significantly expanding their interaction.”

– Murray Loader Sensei, Head Instructor, Canberra Aikido on Shinto Ryu Iaijutsu and Kenjutsu Seminars (www.canberraaikido.com.au)