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Spring Gasshuku, Palmwoods QLD, October 2018

Kenshinryu recently hosted our Spring Shinto-Musō Ryu Jodo Gasshuku (合宿: training camp or, communal learning). As anyone who attended can attest, it was a great success, with students travelling from as far as Marrickville, Armidale and Lismore to participate. Huge thanks must of course be given to Tamara, Alyce and Josie (and our other volunteer cooks) for the impressive breakfasts and lunches that made training all day possible.A Gasshuku is truly a special way of training. Total immersion in the syllabus under the guidance of an instructor brings a deeper understanding of technique, while rote practice ingrains it into your body. It’s the community aspect, however, that is a particular highlight of a Gasshuku; so many people united in learning a specific (and technically complex!) system. A truly group effort.A noticeable improvement was to everyone’s Uchi-komi, particularly Honte, Gyakute and Hiki-otoshi. A better cutting sound suggests better grip and hopefully a better understanding of our Kesa cutting line (Hasuji). Everyone is to be congratulated on their hard work and contributions, but the self-development and improved technique is the true reward.Look forward to seeing everyone at the next Gasshuku!

Spring Gasshuku Video

Shinto Muso Ryu Seminar

In mid-January  I conducted a Seminar in Shinto Muso Ryu in Sydney at the home of Aikido Yoshinkai NSW, a full time Martial Arts organisation so ably run by long-time friends Darren Friend Sensei and Peggy Woo Sensei. The seminar was also attended by another very good friend, Jon Marshall Sensei of the Melbourne Budo Academy. Together we are working to support the development of Nishioka-Ha Shinto Muso Ryu in Sydney and Melbourne through their Dojos. All three teachers are highly respected in Japan and here in Australia and it’s a pleasure and a privilege to work with them on a project that I know would have brought Nishioka Sensei a great deal of satisfaction.