Welcome to Kenshinryu Aikido

Kenshinryu is a full time Aikido providing Martial Arts training and instruction in Kenshinkan Aikido, Shinto Muso Ryu, Junior Aikido, Aiki Abilities (Aikido for those with a disability), Women's Self Defense and Jojutsu. Classes are provided 6 days per week at the Dojo on the Sunshine Coast.

Celebrating 25 Years

in 2016, Kenshinryu will be celebrating 25 years as a full time Aikido. Be sure to check out our memories on Facebook.

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Want To Become A Member?

Kenshinryu is a members only Dojo. For details on how you can become a member, click for more information.

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Need more information?

Contact us for information on membership, locations, or if you are uncertain about the type of martial arts you should become involved with.

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